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Amazon Sees Increase in Profits Thanks to ‘The Twilight Saga’

Amazon has seen a massive increase in profits and it looks like part of it is thanks to Twilight and New Moon DVD sales. Find out more below.

Amazon sees strong growth
Online retail titan Amazon has reported a 68% leap in worldwide profits for the first quarter of the year after double-digit sales growth in the US and at its international arm.
 The release of the latest Twilight Saga blockbuster movie on DVD led the best seller list in the UK, contributing to a 45% hike in sales across Amazon’s international arm – up 37% with currency effects stripped out.
Amazon notched up net income of 299 million US dollars (£195 million) across the group, up from 177 million dollars (£115 million) a year earlier.
The UK saw strong demand for The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD featuring Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson, but other top sellers also included author Stieg Larsson’s trilogy of novels, including The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Oscar-winning film The Hurt Locker.

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Kristen Stewart’s Next Movie ‘Wanted 2″?

Kristen Stewart is a Wanted woman!

Sources tell E! News that the studio and director behind the sequel to Wanted have expressed interest in snagging K.Stew to follow in Angelina Jolie’s footsteps as the female lead, starring alongside James McAvoy.

While details are still pretty scarce, Stewart’s character would be a young, ass-kicking assassin in the Fraternity.

So is Stewart in, and Angie out?

It’s too early to tell if the film is even gonna happen, but it’s not looking good for A.

Our insider says Kristen was approached to fill Jolie’s hot-woman void in the franchise and met at least once with Timur Bekmambetov, the director of the series.

However, Angelina’s participation in the project is still up in the air.

While her character died in the first installment of the film, Bekmambetov told MTV that he would bring her back in some capacity, in the sequel.

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