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Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart – who should win the British National Movie Awards best performer?

There is a chance for the Twilight lead characters, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to take away the crown of best performer of the year on the British National Movie Awards night. But the ironic part is that there can be no joint winner!

The official website of the British National Movie Awards presents the date of the big event. The award function will be held on 26th May 2010 and will be aired on ITV1. The British Movie Awards ceremony was first started in 2007 and was continued the next year too.

The nominees are enlisted in the website of British National Movie. There are six different categories including…

1. Action/Thriller Movie
2. Family Movie
3. Fantasy Movie
4. Most Anticipated Summer Movie
5. Breakthrough Movie
6. Performance of the Year

The last category includes Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the nomination list that has a total of 19 nominees. Both Robert and Kristen are nominated for their performance in Twilight Saga: New Moon. Interestingly, Taylor Lautner is also nominated in the same category for the same film.

The other 16 actors are…

1. Gemma Arterton – Clash Of The Titans
2. Helena Bonham Carter – Alice In Wonderland
3. Jim Carrey – A Christmas Carol
4. John Cusack – 2012
5. Johnny Depp – Alice In Wonderland
6. Leonardo DiCaprio – Shutter Island
7. Robert Downey Jr – Sherlock Holmes
8. Rupert Grint – Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
9. Aaron Johnson – Kick-Ass
10. Jude Law – Sherlock Holmes
11. Brad Pitt – Inglourious Basterds
12. Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter And The Half–Blood Prince
13. Zoe Saldana – Avatar
14. Emma Thompson – Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang
15. Emma Watson – Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
16. Sam Worthington – Avatar / Clash Of The Titans

Leaving aside the other 17 contenders, it will be a tough competition for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for the award of Best Performer of the Year. Both had their own share of contribution for the movie and crowning either of the two as the better one will be unfair to the other.

But alas, British National Movie Awards doesn’t allow a tie! Who do you think should win the award? Cast your vote and let the best performer win…

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IMAX Tickets for some ‘Eclipse’ Showings already on Sale

Think it’s too early to buy tickets for “Eclipse”? Think again—especially if you want to see it in IMAX. Whether you’re buying directly through your local theater, or through a mega-site like Fandango or Moviefone, in some places they’re already for sale. So why should you be more vigilant about scoring tickets for “Eclipse” (more so than you were about “Twilight” or “New Moon”)? Because this release offers something unprecedented in the Twilight realm: it has been formatted for viewing on IMAX.

I learned the difference the hard way, when I went to see “New Moon”, and shelled out more than twice the price for the IMAX ticket. It turns out that seeing a film in an IMAX theater is different from seeing a film produced specifically for “The IMAX Experience”. In the case of the former, a special lens is used with the projector to allow for a standard movie picture to be shown on the larger screen. So, if you saw “Twilight” or “New Moon” in an IMAX theater, it was simply blown up to show a larger version of the original. Films that are truly formatted for The IMAX Experience utilize special technology that allows the movie to be played on all planes of a semi-globular screen. So this year’s much-awaited release of “Eclipse” will be an unprecedented event.

You can read the entire article HEREHow many of you guys will pre-order tickets for Eclipse? Would you pay more to see it in IMAX?